Dematic has partnered with Basware, a global leader in e-invoicing services, to improve the purchase to pay services provided to you.

E-invoicing shortens processing time, saves costs, and reduces environmental impact.  Basware allows you to send each invoice as a PDF attachment via email for processing.  Once processed, an uploaded invoice can be reviewed and tracked in the Basware Portal.  Basware e-invoicing services are at no cost to Suppliers and replace the current process of submitting invoices.

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Basware Invoice Submission for Registered Suppliers

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When invoicing Dematic, it is important that the below information be included on your invoices to ensure efficient processing.
      - Purchase order number
      - If no Purchase order, a reference person
      - Tax ID/VAT number
      - ‘Remit To’ address
      - Correct billing name: Dematic Corp or Dematic Ltd. 

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