In this section, you will be capable of uploading your PPAPs for submission to the regional Supplier Quality Team.

Contact your local Supplier Quality Engineer or Supplier Quality Manager for further questions about the "PPAPs" section.

PPAP Manual

Suppliers shall ensure that the PPAP sample submissions are in accordance with the requirements of the Dematic PPAP Manual. Suppliers shall only submit PPAP packages for released drawings, and a copy of this drawing shall be included in the submission package. Each supplier is responsible for meeting all these requirements before submission to Dematic, including obtaining Dematic approvals for any change requests. Dematic has established a PPAP validation requirement that further defines submission levels, including what the supplier submits. For standard catalog purchased components, i.e., diodes, resistors, etc., that do not go through the PPAP process, are to be considered as approved components.

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