CSR Audits

Dematic is committed to sustainability throughout its entire value chain. That is why online and face-to-face audits are carried out on suppliers to measure and evaluate their performance in corporate social responsibility...

What is a CSR Audit?

The audit consists of reviewing and evaluating the evidence for documents and management systems on environmental, social and ethical topics from the supplier. All the questions and requirements are placed in an Excel questionnaire that is answered before the audit date by the supplier.

The questionnaire is made up of 5 sections:

- Corporate management
- Business conduct and compliance
- Social Sustainability
- Environmental Sustainability
- Supplier Management

In addition, the questionnaire includes a scorecard that aims to measure and reward improvement over time in each key environmental sustainability measure on topics of energy, waste, etc.

At the end, the supplier will receive the audit results through a detailed scorecard and pdf document.

The scorecard will provide zero to one hundred individual scores and an overall score and medal (bronze, silver and gold). The methodology that we follow is established by meticulously analyzing the answers and documents provided.

The pdf will show a summary of the audit performance, general observations and recommendations.


Recommendations to our suppliers

Among the results obtained from the audits carried out at the moment from Dematic, some repetitive common aspects have been observed within the sustainability management of the suppliers. The following points are some recommendations from Dematic’s sustainability team towards its suppliers in relation to their management systems:

- Establish a management system for tracking of utilities such as electricity, fuel and water so the company can create targets and KPIs for reduction.
- Institute policies on the environmental and sustainable performance for your own suppliers (e.g., conflict minerals, audits, etc. )
- Participate on internal or certified management systems in environmental, social, ethical, and industrial safety matters.

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